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Intervention in the U.K.

Up until a few years ago it was thought that an alcoholic or addict could not be helped until they had reached "rock-bottom." In the last 40 years the development of the Intervention Process has shown us that those affected by the dependent person can, with professional assistance, motivate their loved ones to accept the help they need to recover.

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Soaring number of career women 'killed by alcohol'

Research last year has shown that, for the first time, middle-aged professional women are drinking more alcohol than teenagers. Professor Ian Gilmore, chair of the UK Alcohol Health Alliance, said, "every liver specialist will have seen women in their late twenties or early thirties dying of alcoholic liver disease."

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Dealing with an Alcoholic

There has long been a misconception among many people that nothing can be done for an alcoholic until he or she asks for help. An interesting article just published in America shows that this is not the case and sets out an 8 point plan to help family and friends to deal with the alcoholic. The full article can be found through the link on our Facebook page;

Dealing With an Alcoholic

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Funding

The Guardian newspaper commented this week how the changes in funding for a range of health services could lead to a post-code lottery for people needing help with problems related to drugs or alcohol. The responsibility for spending the huge sums of money involved will fall on clinical commissioning boards controlled by local authorities.

Tranquillisers - One million people addicted

The Times newspaper has published a disturbing report this week into the widespread writing of prescriptions for benzodiazepines, over 11 million each year, despite the shocking side-effects of continuous long-term use.

Alcohol; damaging the young and old alike

The social and health problems caused by excessive consumption of alcohol, both to society in general and to the individual, are becoming much better known these days. Nevertheless two stories that appeared in newspapers published in different parts of the country in the last few days highlighted just how the problem is continuing to grow.

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