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Alcohol; damaging the young and old alike

The social and health problems caused by excessive consumption of alcohol, both to society in general and to the individual, are becoming much better known these days. Nevertheless two stories that appeared in newspapers published in different parts of the country in the last few days highlighted just how the problem is continuing to grow.

The Gloucestershire Echo published a story on 7th September dealing with alcohol abuse among the young under the headline, “Twelve year-olds with alcohol problems in Gloucestershire.” Just a few days later The Manchester Evening News printed a shock report on the number of drink-related hospital admissions among pensioners. Even those of us who work within the alcohol treatment services have become used to stories of binge-drinking and alcohol-fuelled violence on the increase year on year, but those stories showed an alarming new pattern.

Official figures in Gloucestershire show that there are 48 children under 18 receiving treatment for alcohol problems in the County; this number included children as young as 12. It would be reasonable to assume that the official figures are only an example of the true extent of the problem. Meanwhile in Greater Manchester in 2010/2011 more than 16,000 people over the age of 65 were admitted to hospitals in the area due to alcohol-related harm. This figure does not include the many thousands who also attended A&E departments with drink related injuries and conditions.

Alcohol problems affect every part of our society, rich or poor, young or old and those problems can have catastrophic consequences for the person with the problem and their nearest and dearest. We, at Rehab Advisor, also see the other side of the coin with the people we are able to help and the happiness it brings to their families. A range of programmes can be found on our website and for all of these the first step will be a call to one of our consultants on 0800 078 7577 We are waiting for your call and we can give you free and impartial advice 24 hours a day.

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