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Dealing with an Alcoholic

There has long been a misconception among many people that nothing can be done for an alcoholic until he or she asks for help. An interesting article just published in America shows that this is not the case and sets out an 8 point plan to help family and friends to deal with the alcoholic. The full article can be found through the link on our Facebook page;

Dealing With an Alcoholic

The basis of the article is that experts strongly recommend that “members of the family can and really should do something for an alcoholic even if the alcoholic refuses to acknowledge that they have a problem.” Unfortunately most people just do not know what they can do to help. It is recommended that the help should come from a recovering alcoholic or someone who understands alcoholism. That is why Rehab Advisor draws on the experience of its consultants who have all successfully battled with their addictive past and can pass the valuable lessons they have learnt to those who are still suffering.

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The article goes on to give some very useful advice concerning the importance of not enabling the alcoholic. Don’t cover up for them or encourage them to drink under any circumstances. Let them suffer the consequences of their drinking, however painful that may be for you. We can tell you what help is available within the community and advise you what detox and rehab facilities are best in each individual’s circumstances. As a last resort, consider an intervention based on the severity of the alcohol problem and the individuals readiness to change. At Rehab Advisor we have someone waiting for your call on 0800 078 7757 to help you find the answer.

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