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Intervention is a proven and successful process that has enabled thousands of people with problems of addiction to alcohol or drugs to obtain treatment for that addiction despite being in denial or previously refusing help. The view that a person has to hit “rock-bottom” before they can be helped has proved to be mistaken in case after case. Intervention is a process where that “rock-bottom” can be lifted so that help can be obtained before it is too late.

A skilled interventionist will enlist the aid of the family, friends or colleagues of the addicted person to confront him or her with the consequences of their addiction. There are different models of intervention, but in every case they should be facilitated by a trained interventionist who is able to guide and advise the family in the all-important preliminary stages before the actual intervention can take place. The planning will consist of a number of steps to be taken including, deciding who will be involved and the role they will play. It is often useful to prepare written material before the intervention and to carefully consider all possible objections that the addicted person may raise and be ready to deal with those objections.

Free Phone    0800 078 7757    Finding the answer

We have skilled interventionists available throughout the country and the first step is a call to one of our consultants on 0800 078 7757 who can help you find the answer. Whether the widely used Johnson Model is right for your particular circumstances or any other method is preferable we can help. Arrangements can be put in place to coordinate the whole package with a place in treatment and safe sober transport all linked to the intervention.

Intervention is a complex process that must be geared to individual circumstances. At Rehab Advisor we recognise this and are ready to help you with that uppermost in our mind, so call now on 0800 078 7757 where someone is waiting for your call.

Call Now Free Phone      0800 078 7757       Finding the answer