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Sober Transport

We understand that sometimes one of the most difficult elements of attending a treatment centre is actually getting there. Travelling alone can be a daunting prospect for many people, and friends or family are not always in a position to provide the company or the transport to ensure a safe and comfortable arrival at Rehab. Travelling by taxi or on public transport can lead to sudden changes of mind and every treatment centre has stories of the person who wanted “one last drink” at the station buffet and never arrived in Rehab.

We have specialist drivers with comfortable cars available to take people into treatment centres across the country. All of our drivers have experience of people with alcohol or drug problems and provide a safe and reassuring companion during the journey. A call to us on 0800 078 7757 will put you in touch with one of our consultants who can tell you more about this service and give an estimate of the cost.

Free Phone    0800 078 7757    Finding the answer

This service is available for all journeys where you feel that a sober companion can help and not just for journeys to and from Rehab. You can call us for this service even if you have booked a rehab independently and we will offer our same high standard of care and professionalism.

Call Now Free Phone      0800 078 7757       Finding the answer