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What is Rehab?

The aim of any treatment for drug or alcohol abuse is to stop that abuse and allow people to lead active lives in their family, their community and the workplace. Rehab is what takes place after the person has been successfully detoxed to prepare them for that life.

The private rehab clinics we deal with have proved successful in treating people with addiction problems over a number of years and vary in the type of treatment as well as the length of the treatment and its cost. Finding a successful drug or alcohol rehab clinic can make a life changing difference and just talking to someone who really understands what you are going through is often the first step in making that change.

What is Rehab

It is important to remember that rehab comes in many forms and the successful drug or alcohol treatment centre is one that recognises that their clients are individuals and tailor their programmes accordingly. These programmes will often include behavioural therapies which will address issues such as motivation to change, building skills to resist drug use in future and improving life skills generally. It is important to match treatment programmes to the needs of the individual, taking into account the personal circumstances and previous problems with drugs or alcohol of that individual.

Rehab can be provided in centres throughout the country, in premises ranging from small boutique type establishments for up to half a dozen people to busy centres holding up to forty people in various stages of their treatment. The centres themselves can be fully residential with plentiful staff to quasi-residential where an element of self-sufficiency is an important part of the rehabilitation process. They are located in the country, in town or on the coast and location is often an important consideration. A link to advice on the cost of rehab is available

Some of our luxurious drug and alcohol centeres

Scientific research over several decades has demonstrated that rehab treatment has a profound impact upon changing the life of an alcoholic or an addict. Let us help you find the right course for you.

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